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Pencil Hill, Boulick , Clonmel , Co Tipperary

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Electricians Tipperary - Safe Electric and CompEx - Philip O'Dwyer

Call Us: 087 8395708

Pencil Hill, Boulick , Clonmel , Co Tipperary

About Us

P O’Dwyer Electrical Services Ltd.  has been trading for almost 15 years and is headed up by Managing Director Philip O’Dwyer. It is a leading registered electrical contracting company based in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. The business works in all areas of the electrical industry, including commercial, industrial, educational, heritage and public contract works.

We specialise in the electrical needs of the Mining Industry, Field floodlighting projects and LPG gas installations, along with planned and preventative maintenance programmes. Up until recently we have worked in Lisheen Mine, Thurles, Co. Tipperary covering installation and maintenance back up across the whole mining process from underground through to process and final product along with site services as required.

The company has completed a wide range of contracts across Clonmel and the South Tipperary areas and beyond and is well served by a highly-skilled and versatile team of electricians who have received the highest standard of training. Our staff are constantly upskilling to keep abreast of all the latest developments within the industry.


Our Mission:

“To give a personalised service while giving value for money without compromising on Safety and Quality”


The business works closely with its clients to understand their needs and can tailor its methods and service to suit their individual requirements. Offering a wealth of industry experience, P O’Dwyer Electrical Services Ltd.  delivers outstanding results and is known  for quality, expertise, attention to detail, time frame and value-for-money.

The company also strives to promote best practice in Health & Safety and is a proud member of Safe Electric, which is the Electrical Safety Supervisory Body appointed by the Commission for Energy Regulation, and CompEx the regulatory body for validation of personnel who work on equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.

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Our Mission

To give a personalised service while giving value for money without compromising on Safety and Quality

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