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Pencil Hill, Boulick , Clonmel , Co Tipperary

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Call Us: 087 8395708

Pencil Hill, Boulick , Clonmel , Co Tipperary


We have been involved in many new Milking parlor and Dairy installations, Including 3 phase and 1 phase units of all  sizes .

A modern working farm requires a very robust, reliable electrical build – in the same way as all modern industrial or commercial premises.  Here at P O’Dwyer Electrical we have decades of experience in the agricultural sector, on farms, large and small, delivering electrical solutions at the competitive rates. We understand that farmers are dependent on electricity to run a successful agricultural operation, whether it’s power for milking parlors or simply a light setup for a farm, we cover all your electrical needs.

We also offer farmers round the clock call out times for all necessary repairs that need to be carried out in a quick and efficient manner. We know that today’s farming is a 24/7 and that’s why ours is too.

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To give a personalised service while giving value for money without compromising on Safety and Quality

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